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Sarah Lindenberg & Barb Rykiss

Sarah Lindenberg (Founder, @allmyfriendsagency) & Barb Rykiss

An innovative mother-daughter duo with sharp ambition — and chic style — in spades. 


Why did you decide to start your own agency? 

All My Friends came together holistically by helping friends and friends-of-friends grow their businesses. Post-pandemic, many companies had to start working much leaner and, rather than hire a full in-house team, identified specific needs that could be supported by external vendors. We help entrepreneurs of all kinds develop creative communication and tailored strategies to support their marketing missions. 

What’s your favourite way to wear a white blouse, and why?

With three kids, four and under, plus running my own business, I barely have time to put on a shirt! The beauty of a white blouse is you look instantly put together. Recently, I wore a 10-year-old white blouse with a skirt to a black-tie function as a cheeky take on a tux. It's a staple in my wardrobe that works overtime all year round.

Where’s your favourite place to find great art? 

To celebrate my birthday this year, my kids and I plan to spend the day painting a canvas together at The Artful Child. For less messy inspiration, I love browsing Artsy online, and visiting Nina Johnson Gallery in Miami or Blum & Poe in LA. This winter, I plan to go to New York to see the retrospective of my favorite painter, Alex Katz, at the Guggenheim. His portraits always feel fashionable, elegant and both of-the-moment and classic. I look forward to seeing "The Black Dress" from 1960, featuring his favourite and most adoring subject, his wife Ada, in various poses as if drifting through a cocktail party.

What motto do you live by?

“It’s all good.” My mom taught me to search for gratitude when I’m feeling overwhelmed and that focusing on the positive will always provide me with clarity.


Do you believe that clothing can influence the way women feel? 

What we wear sets us up for the day. It has a language of its own. It’s not about dressing up — it’s a point of view.

What motto do you live by?

“A simple life is a happy life.” I like to feel polished and uncontrived. 

What not-so-known destination do you dream of going back to, and why?

I think about returning to La Giostra, a tiny, family-owned restaurant in Florence. Simple, exquisite food in a tiny menu-less spot with no signage. Took an hour to find but went back several times. 

What’s your most-worn piece of clothing, and how do you like to wear it?

My vintage Lanvin coat, Khaite jeans, a stable of black/grey cashmere sweaters and white shirts. But my most worn item? Jeans — the foundation for special pieces.

Meg Cassidy

Meg Cassidy, Founder @meglcassidy + @studiomegcassidy
An interiors and lifestyle authority set on bringing true storytelling to residential spaces. 

Tell us about Meg Cassidy Studio and your home and lifestyle collection. What’s the best part about what you do? 

I started the firm in 2017, we are a full service design studio dedicated to residential interiors. Our work spans from ground up custom homes to large scale renovations along with furnishings and decor. We launched our home decor and lifestyle collection in 2020 which includes everything from furniture and decorative objects to bespoke jewelry. I launched the collection in order to bring unique styling and furnishing options to our interior design clients. Since then, we have been growing the collection for anyone who desires specialty, classic items in their own homes that have a bespoke feel to them. The best part of my work is my ability to exercise my creativity. I love a new challenge, I love to discover new ways of doing things and I have a strong desire to think outside of the box while keeping our designs feeling timeless.

What’s your favourite way to wear a white blouse?

Much like my design philosophy, I believe fashion should feel timeless. The white blouse epitomizes all of this for me. I prefer a popped collar and loosely buttoned, coupled with a great pair of denim — it's a chic look that transitions from casual to business any day. 

What motto do you live by? 

Simplify. This one word resonates for me in every aspect of my life.

What’s your favourite restaurant (anywhere!) and go-to dish there? 

The more comfortable and cozy a restaurant is, the more I love it. Le Swan, here in Toronto, delivers that for me. The atmosphere makes me feel like I am in a little hidden bistro somewhere outside the city. You cannot dine here without having the Niçoise salad, rotisserie chicken and bananas foster dessert.

Cailey Heaps

Cailey Heaps, Team Leader @heapsestrin + @thelobbybyheapsestrin

Helming one of North America’s most thriving brokerages, this real estate mogul is the embodiment of modern leadership.

Tell us a bit about Heaps Estrin – how you started and why you are so passionate about real estate.

I’m passionate about real estate because of the people and human connections. It’s such an amazing opportunity to be part of an important moment in people's lives. The Lobby is the opportunity to create and deepen connections. It provides an opportunity for us to be part of our clients' lives outside of the transaction. We are really excited to have created a space where community, concierge and culture come together.

What motto do you live by?

I often say “positive forward momentum”. I try to focus forward and not spend too much time reliving the past. 

What’s your favourite restaurant (anywhere!) and go-to dish there?

The Naked Fisherman in St Lucia, they have an amazing lobster and salad that they serve beachside.  

What not-so-known destination do you dream of going back to?

I loved sailing the lesser known Greek Islands and feel like I just scratched the surface the last time I was there. Travel is my passion so I have a list about as long as my arm of places I would like to visit!

Rochelle de Goias-Jackman

Rochelle de Goias-Jackman, Founder @girlsementorship

As the founder of GEM, a mentorship program aiding girls facing socioeconomic barriers, Rochelle de Goias-Jackman is bringing a game-changing perspective to the non-profit space. 

Tell us a bit about GEM and the work you do. 

Girls E-Mentorship (GEM) is a top 100 rated charity offering a research-based career mentorship program for high school girls facing socioeconomic and financial barriers.  At GEM, we believe every girl deserves equal opportunity to develop skills, build successful career paths and attain productive, secure employment. I wanted to create positive and lasting change in our community and felt that creating a female mentorship culture in Toronto would not only lead to economic security for young girls, but over time, would lead to diversity in the workforce, in C-suite positions and on boards.

Where’s your favourite place to find great art?

My husband and I have found great pieces at local art fairs, galleries and auctions, but my favourite place to find great art is while we are travelling. We love to wander the streets of a new city and explore galleries. While the hunt is half the fun, the pieces we purchase abroad always remind us of the trip—it brings us continuous joy.

What motto do you live by?

I live by many mottos but something I’m currently trying to work on is slowing down.  This particular motto resonates with me at the moment: “Slowly is the fastest way to get where you want to be.”

What’s your most-worn piece of clothing, and how do you like to wear it?

High-waisted jeans—they work whether I’m running to a meeting or picking up the kids.I’ll wear them with a beautiful blouse, a white tank or tee and top it off with a leather jacket or one of my many blazers: a vintage Chanel, one that’s corduroy or a tuxedo-style option. Then, I might throw a recycled fur collar around my shoulders and voila! Casual but elevated.

Dr. Toni Zhong

Dr. Toni Zhong @drtonizhong

A revered figure in the breast reconstruction surgery field, Dr. Toni Zhong is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto, and the Belinda Stronach Chair in Breast Cancer Reconstruction at University Health Network. Beyond her clinical work, Zhong is deeply involved in humanitarian efforts, most notably as one of the founding members of Reconstructing Women International: a non-profit organization that provides surgery and treatment to women and girls in developing countries who have suffered disfiguring and debilitating injuries. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

As a breast reconstruction surgeon, the most rewarding part of my job is when I know that I have helped to restore the quality of life of my patients who have had to have a mastectomy for breast cancer. 

What’s your favourite way to wear a white blouse?

Tucked into a pencil skirt or high-waisted flared pants. I think these looks are both classic and chic.  

What motto do you live by?

“Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is an opportunity, capture it. Life is a game, play it.” In my line of work, we see a lot of tragedies and lives that end too early. I am reminded everyday that life is a gift and no day should be taken for granted.

What not-so-known destination do you dream of going back to?

Taking a river cruise on the Li RIver in Guilin, China. I went there with my parents when I was in my early twenties and I thought that it was the most picturesque place I have ever seen — literally like it’s out of a postcard. I would love to go there with my family and wonder if they will feel the same magic that I felt.

Tonya Papanikolov

Tonya Papanikolov @tonyapapanikolove, Founder + CEO @rainbomushrooms

Tell us about how you started Rainbo and where your passion for mushrooms stems from.
I’m a forest-loving Taurus and, aside from being on the journey of social entrepreneurship as founder and CEO of Rainbo, I’m a holistic nutritionist, educator and yogi.

My first-hand healing experience with fungi began in 2011 which sparked my passion, reverence and belief in the magic of mushrooms. In 2016, I had a profound healing with reishi mushroom, which catalyzed my vision for spreading mushrooms to more people.

I'm passionate about mushrooms because they are an incredible life form that are extremely necessary to the health of our planet and offer so many solutions across many industries. We need fungi and have so much to learn from them.

What’s your favourite way to style a white blouse?
No bra, two to three buttons done up, one side of the shirt tucked into my pants—it feels flowy and free and comfortable!

Where’s your favourite place to find great art?
Nature is the greatest artist I have ever known. I am endlessly inspired by the beauty of nature and all that she provides: healing, reprieve, inspiration, creativity, a clear mind, no boundaries—isn't this what art is meant to do? 

What’s your favourite restaurant (anywhere!) and go-to dish there?
For everyday health food, my favourite is Erewhon in LA. I love their food and can count on them for cooking things the way I do: with healthy oils and without using toxic seed oils that many restaurants use, which irritates my gut.

Actinolite and Pilgrimme are the best restaurants I've ever eaten at! The chef's tasting menus are always an adventure.

What not-so-known destination is on your travel list?
I'm dreaming of visiting the land my parents were born and where my ancestors and bloodline come from. It's a very small country in the Mediterranean/Eastern Europe called Macedonia—many people haven't heard of it!

Rita Liefhebber

Rita Liefhebber, Creative Director + Stylist, @_rlief_

Where’s your favourite place to find great art, and what styles can you find there? I love to go gallery hopping in the Lower East Side because of the variety of new contemporary art. Particularly, I always stop by  Downs & Ross and James Fuentes. I also love Ist Dibs for my own collection.

What’s your favourite restaurant (anywhere!) and go-to dish there? Via Carota in NY. That was my go to place to meet a girl friend for a nibble and a night cap when living in New York and I make sure to stop by each time I'm in town. Everything here is divine. I especially love the Funghi grilled mushrooms and smoked scamorza and the Lenticchie braised lentils and black kale. 

What not-so-known destination do you dream of going back to, and why? The beach at Presqu'ile Point, ON. I used to go there a lot as a kid. It's a true hidden gem.

Kaelen Haworth

Kaelen Haworth, Wardrobe Stylist + Creative Consultant, @Kaelenhaworth

What’s your favourite way to style a white blouse?
I like to wear mine with jeans - the ones in the picture are vintage Levi's, and a big boxy vintage blazer. I like to keep the colors subtle so I can spice things up with a statement shoe and some jewelry. I think of a white blouse as a uniform that takes the guesswork out of getting dressed. The formula is easy and you can sub in different variations for a look that's always going to land. 

What’s your favourite social media account to follow?
@londongirlinnyc has incredible style and also does fascinating deep dives into very specific fashion moments/designers/cultural moments and it's all very educational and beautiful. @whitelightning for food + Interiors + real momming, @Piariverola for the most perfect, nostalgic photographs.

What decor piece pulls your space together?
I have a credenza from BBDW that I bought about 10 years ago in NY - it has a taupe leather front and brass pulls and brass top that has started to patina over time. It's instantly the most special piece in the room. It's currently in our bedroom housing the inevitable overflow of clothes from my closet.

What’s your favourite restaurant (anywhere!) and go-to dish there?
Steak Frites @ Lucien in the East Village. That's very Starter Packs of NY of me so I'll give another - La Banane, the raw Hokkaido scallop is the stuff of dreams.

Cher Bai

Cher Bai, Content Creator, @chermycloset
What’s your favourite way to style a white blouse, and why?
Definitely with a pair of denim, it's easy to dress up and down.

Where’s your favourite place to find great art, and what styles can you find there?
I love browsing 1stDibs - it hosts a large inventory of art from established galleries, old master dealers, and contemporary specialists.

What’s your favourite restaurant (anywhere!) and go-to dish there?
Any sushi restaurant. My fave in Toronto is Sushi Masaki Saito. I LOVE Omakase.

What’s your most-worn piece of clothing, and how do you like to wear it?
My Riley jeans from Agolde. They go with EVERYTHING and fit like a glove.

Sara Naghedi

Sara Naghedi, Creative Director + President Naghedi NYC @naghedinyc

What’s your favourite way to style a white blouse, and why?
I love a great white blouse because you can style it so many ways.  I love wearing one with a pair of jeans and loafers or sandals, but my absolute favorite way to style a white blouse is with a very dressy skirt; I just love the juxtaposition of that.

What would your phone tell us is your most-played song, and when do you like to listen to it?
Haha, well my iPhone would say "We Don't Talk About Bruno" because of my children but, right now I love listening to "As It Was" by Harry Styles" in the mornings as I get my day started!

What’s your most-worn piece of clothing, and how do you like to wear it?
At the moment my most worn piece is a mustard color pleated silk skirt from Ulla Johnson.  I started wearing it in the winter with oversized sweaters and boots but now that the weather is warming up I love wearing it with a big white blouse and sandals for an easy look.

What book has stayed with you, and why?
The Alchemist was one of those thought-provoking books that I always go back to in my mind because I have always been a spiritual person looking at the bigger picture of life.  A story of destiny and oneness with the world,  but also of manifesting your dreams which I just love.

Britt Barkwell

Britt Barkwell, Founder T.LINE, @BrittBarkwell

What’s your favourite way to style a white blouse?

I’ve always taken a less is more approach to dressing. There’s nothing better than a pair of vintage denim and a crisp white blouse. This approach to dressing has definitely shaped T.LINE as our goal is to help women simplify their wardrobes by making fashion choices that are timeless and built on a foundation of high-quality staples. 

What decor piece pulls your space together?

It was very important to me to incorporate handcrafted pieces into our home. For instance, I worked with Mary Radcliffe - a Toronto-based designer that uses only Canadian hardwoods and handcrafted methods - to create a gorgeous seat for our foyer. The leather seat is laced onto the wood frame and takes 25 hours to create by hand. I also worked with furniture design studio Atelier Arking to create a made-to-measure hand-carved dining table and banquette. It is so special to see these pieces in my home and know that they will be around for generations to come. 

What not-so-known destination do you dream of going back to, and why?

On our honeymoon, my husband and I went to a small town in Italy called Matera. It’s in the region of Basilicata in southern Italy and made up of several cave dwellings carved into the mountainside. It’s truly special—spectacular views and a very fascinating history (it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993). The rooms at Sextantio le Grotte della Civita are luxe caves that are nestled right into the rocks.